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Demo time capture

Demo Time!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 No Comments

In this week’s video, L.E. and Nathan take a look at some Xbox Live Arcade (and one mobile) game demos and discuss their ups and downs. Click the link to watch!


Might and Delight Releases Spoiler-Filled Trailer for Pid

Monday, August 6, 2012 No Comments

I’ll say it right now. If you’re looking forward to playing Pid and you’re the kind of person who likes figuring out puzzles and boss fights on their own, do not watch this trailer past the… let’s say one minute mark. Yes, Might and Delight released a brand new trailer for Pid today showing off […]

Ramped Up Production Clip Capture

Ramped Up Production Value

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 No Comments

We’re getting there, folks. Getting to that point where even the smallest of games can have the biggest impact. From our standpoint, as both critics and consumers, that can be a great thing. For the people making the games, that point can either pose a great difficult or an amazing challenge, and much the same […]


New Double Dragon Releasing This September

Monday, July 23, 2012 No Comments

As we had mentioned in a previous video, there is a new Double Dragon title in development for Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. And, finally, this past week brought the announcement of just when it will be available for download. Coming September 11th, for $9.99, to the Playstation Network, and September 12th, for […]


Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren Cameo in Expendables 2 Videogame Trailer

Thursday, July 12, 2012 No Comments

With the theatrical release of The Expendables 2 only a little over a month away, advertising for both the film and its associated side-projects (specifically the video game) has kicked into high gear. And so, this week, Ubisoft released a trailer for the videogame featuring Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren, both of whom have playable […]


Indie Developer Might and Delight Bringing New Platforming Title to XBLA

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 No Comments

I just love interesting new titles from independent developers! Actually, I just plain love interesting new titles, period. That’s why I am both happy and slightly disappointed to say that I just found out about Might and Delight’s 2D/3D side-scrolling, adventure platforming labour of love, Pid. Developed in partnership with Beefy Media, Pid follows a […]


Bang Bang Racing Release Date Revealed

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 No Comments

It’s official. As of today, we are only slightly more than a week away from the launch of Digital Reality’s Bang Bang Racing. Well, at least for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. The company will actually be doing a staggered release of the game, with the classic top-down arcade-style racer arriving first on […]


Lionhead Releases Family Friendly Fable Hack & Slash XBLA Title

Friday, May 4, 2012 No Comments

As part of the spring Xbox Live Arcade NEXT lineup, Lionhead Studios announced the release of Fable Heroes this week. The new spin on the now classic fantasy franchise has a more family friendly style than the previous installments, and plays as a multiplayer hack and slash title rather than the franchise’s standard third person […]


Microsoft Unveils Major XBLA Spring Lineup with Arcade NEXT

Monday, March 26, 2012 1 Comment

This past week, Microsoft unveiled its major spring lineup for the Xbox Live Arcade. The series of four games (all published by Microsoft Studios), scheduled to be released weekly, starting April 18th, are part of Microsoft’s Arcade NEXT spring promotion. Along with the announcement comes news that all new Xbox Live Arcade games released as […]

Mark of the Ninja Teaser Poster

Shank Creators Tease New Ninja Stealth Title

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 No Comments

After great success with their gory and ultra-violent hack & slash arcade title, Shank, and its follow-up, Chris Dahlen and Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment have returned from the darkness today to tease their latest title, Mark of the Ninja. Published by Microsoft Studios, Mark of the Ninja will be releasing for Xbox Live Arcade […]

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