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Apple Samsung Capture

Apple’s 1 Billion Dollar Samsung Verdict

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 1 Comment

In the game of multinational corporations and lawsuits, the Apple vs. Samsung battle that has been winding its way through courts for… how old am I now? Maybe it just feels like a foolishly long time because of just how foolishly the whole thing played out to begin with. Either way, Apple ended up winning […]

American Reunion cover art

American Reunion reunites on DVD and Blu-ray July 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012 No Comments

American Reunion, the film that reunifies the cast from the original American Pie trilogy, hits DVD and Blu-ray July 10th. Brief synopsis: after not having seen them since their senior year in high school, the film brings you back to East Great Falls where, during their high school reunion, the gang get up to some […]

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A Serious Man

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 4 Comments

When I asked an employee at the theater where I saw A Serious Man what he thought of it, he said, “I loved it, though I had no idea what it was about”. Pardon the harsh language, but that’s just silly! How can one enjoy a film when they have no conception of what the […]