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Might and Delight Releases Spoiler-Filled Trailer for Pid

Monday, August 6, 2012 No Comments

I’ll say it right now. If you’re looking forward to playing Pid and you’re the kind of person who likes figuring out puzzles and boss fights on their own, do not watch this trailer past the… let’s say one minute mark. Yes, Might and Delight released a brand new trailer for Pid today showing off […]

Pid Logo

Pid Continues its Trailer Dance with the Opposition Tango

Friday, July 6, 2012 No Comments

Though I’m still not sure how music and dancing plays into their upcoming 2D/3D side-scrolling platformer, Pid, Might and Delight recently released another musically inspired trailer for the game, entitled the Opposition Tango. As with the other two trailers, the Evolution Waltz and Core Mechanic March, the Opposition Tango showcases a specific area of the […]


Jak and Daxter Get Collected

Thursday, February 9, 2012 No Comments

As it has been doing with its major Playstation 2 titles for quite some time now, Sony announced the release of its latest high definition remastered collection this week, the Jak and Daxter Collection. Originally created by Naughty Dog, who later went on to create a Playstation 3 franchise of which you may recall the […]


Playstation Holiday Preview Event 2011- Disney Universe Interview

Thursday, October 27, 2011 No Comments

While at Sony’s 2011 Playstation Holiday Preview Event, Nathan and I got the chance to check out Disney Interactive Studios’ latest release, Disney Universe. This new family friendly adventure and platforming title recently released on all of the major home consoles, and features a cast of your (or your kids’) favourite Disney characters. We also […]


Rayman Origins Puts the Fun in… Classic at X’11

Thursday, August 25, 2011 2 Comments

Ubisoft is bringing Rayman back to his roots with its upcoming title Rayman Origins. It’s the first Rayman platformer in years and the first title in the franchise to actually focus on Rayman himself since… well, the second title in the Raving Rabbids portion of the franchise. Michel Ancel and his team have been working […]


Johnny Test is Coming to DS. Hey! That Almost Rhymes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 No Comments

505 Games announced today that it will be bringing Cookie Jar Entertainment’s child lab rat, Johnny Test, and his sidekick dog, Dukey, to the Nintendo DS later this month. Available on the 29th, the Johnny Test video game, based on the show of the same name which airs on the Cartoon Network in the United […]


Donkey Kong Country Returns

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 No Comments

When a group of strange musical creatures appear from an erupting volcano on Donkey Kong Island and hypnotize the island’s creatures to make them steal Donkey Kong’s banana stash, the tie-wearing primate and sidekick, Diddy Kong, spring into action. Donkey Kong Country Returns takes players all over the Island to recover DK’s bananas and fight […]


Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Thursday, December 16, 2010 3 Comments

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is not a standard Kirby game. Trapped inside a world made from yarn and cloth, the pink puffball has no sucking power but, instead, can transform into various creatures and objects, and he must help stitch the world back together to return to Dream Land. You’d think that without Kirby’s staple power […]



Monday, December 6, 2010 No Comments

I tried to give Robox a chance. I spent hours playing it hoping things would get more interesting, but I just kept getting increasingly frustrated and bored. This 2D platformer about an exploratory probe’s mission to discover its predecessors’ fates is long, aggravatingly difficult and kept making me ask the question “Why?”. Why does that […]

Robox WiiWare

Spanish Studio, DreamBox Games Announces WiiWare Title Coming to North America

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1 Comment

Spanish independent video game development studio DreamBox Games sent us a very nice, though not quite grammatically correct message today telling us that its WiiWare title, Robox, will be making its way to North America on November 1st. The game follows the adventures of a robotic research probe that is sent to a strange planet […]

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