» Rants: Ontario Science Centre Rocks All the Games at Game On 2.0 Exhibit

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Game On EntranceThis weekend, I headed to a part of Toronto I rarely visit – Eglinton and Don Mills. “What’s out there?”, you’re probably wondering if you’re not from around these parts. Just a little place called the Ontario Science Centre; a place where people of all ages can go hands on with science in various forms. The Centre occasionally hosts alternating exhibits, and between March 9th and September 2nd of this year, it’s hosting one called Game On 2.0. With its past-to-present-to-future focus, Game On 2.0 features over 150 playable games from the early era of video games (including arcade units) to current home console and portable titles, and a VR unit. You’ll even see vintage Penny Arcade units!

And, sure, you could just play, (for hours!) but there’s plenty of learning to be done too. With its informative placards covering history, game genres, concepts, inclusion in other media, as well as the interactive information and play sessions, the exhibit offers something for everyone. And it’s just so fun! If you live in the city and haven’t been yet, or you plan on visiting this summer, the Centre needs to be on your hit list for sights. Be sure to pack a lunch.


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