» Rants: Peering Into Oblivion

L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oblivion PosterIMAX still has a way of knocking my socks off every now and then (a pretty impressive feat, considering the Mythbusters already busted that myth). Films like The Avengers and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol offer particularly stunning audio visual experiences (and, sure, Avatar too). However, older films remade for the IMAX 3D Experience (as it’s officially, and aptly, called), like Jurassic Park, have a way of showing just how awesome the technology really is, particularly because of how it can make what was old, new again, with a few adjustments and technological updates.

The IMAX pre-feature presentation is also rather interesting, doing away with most advertising before the film, and typically leaving just one or two trailers, if that, before getting to the main feature. And it’s that pre-feature presentation that brings us to this week’s video.


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