» News: Ubisoft Launches ctOS Threat Report for Watch Dogs

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watch Dogs Camera CaptureIn the continued ramp up to launch, this week, Ubisoft released a brand new promo video for its upcoming high tech crime and espionage thriller, Watch Dogs. The video, which you can see here, gives us a different perspective on the previous gameplay demo released during Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement event. As if it were a threat report from the tech team responsible for Chicago’s central operating system, the video takes us through, step by step, Aiden Pearce’s actions throughout the course of the aforementioned demo. You may recall that ctOS is the system of which Pearce takes control in order to gather information on his next targets (be they friendly or otherwise), as well as make his way around the city, avoid capture, and even take down targets.

The major takeaway for people who didn’t notice when watching the gameplay demo the first time is that the demo includes two points at which the ctOS camera systems are being used by people other than both the City of Chicago and Pearce himself. So, even with nothing particularly new in this video, there are still some interesting insights (at least if you didn’t catch that the first time round).

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