» Rants: Two Months With the Playstation Vita

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, February 7, 2013

PS Vita With HandsIt has been a little over two months now since I first took ownership of a Playstation Vita. It was a mostly pleasant experience, save for some memory card tomfoolery on Sony’s part. Aside from that niggling bit, as I still like to call it, I am still as enamoured with this fancy handheld as I was the day I first saw it announced as the NGP, and that first time going hands on with it at a Playstation Holiday Preview. What really grabbed, and continues to hold, my attention with the Vita is its amazing versatility. Even though it’s a portable gaming device, it’s still amazingly powerful, with equally impressive graphics. It’s generous control options are also a major factor in that versatility.

As I stated in my Uncharted: Golden Abyss review, the myriad of control options allow for a very console-like experience on the go, especially because the touch-screen and rear touchpad give developers a lot more leeway  by effectively allowing them to replace buttons or triggers that would otherwise be lost on other handhelds (as mentioned in my Gravity Rush review). Oh, and there’s a second control stick! In the words of Stan Lee, “Nuff said”.


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