» News: Yarn Yoshi Winds Up Wii U Excitement

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WiiU_Yoshi012313_Scrn01Nintendo’s President, Saturo Iwata, released a whole stream of major first party news for Wii U in last week’s installment of Nintendo Direct. And while that mass announcement included two The Legend of Zelda games (one of which is a high definition remake of Wind Waker, which I still say is a highly underrated game that got far too much flack for its cel-shaded style), and new Super Mario and Mario Kart titles (plus other news and updates), the big news for me was the announcement that the team behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn are working on a Yoshi-centric follow-up title.

Currently titled Yoshi Wii U or Yarn Yoshi, this game uses a number of the patchwork elements found in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, including the threaded look of the Yoshi and the core design elements that made it look as if the entire world was stitched together, and adds in a 3D element as well, taking the threaded Yoshi character and making it look more like a plush, almost Sackboy-like toy. The 3D area environments also feature a similar “plushed up” look, as you can see from the screenshots Nintendo included with the announcement. This game certainly has me “wound up”.



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