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Nathan Schwartz

|    Friday, January 25, 2013

  • Director: Ruben Fleischer
  • Producer: Dan Lin, Kevin McCormick, Michael Tadross
  • Writer: Will Beall
  • Starring: Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, Giovanni Ribisi
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Running Time: 113 min
  • Rating: R
  • Genre: Action, Crime

Gangster SquadThe violence in Gangster Squad was gorily gratifying. Though shockingly brutal at times, it was as realistic as I would imagine such acts of carnage to be (mind you, I’ve never personally seen someone get ripped in two). On top of that, the movie had a nice comedic tone underneath the gangster theme, the set design was authentic to the time period, and the acting was a glorious rainbow of talent. It may not have been anything groundbreaking, and it had one of the most laughable death sequences I’ve seen in some time, but it was still rather entertaining.

Verdict: Wait for the DVD/Blu-ray


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