» News: Sony and EA Prepare for Hockey Season with Special Canadian PS3 NHL 13 Bundle

L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sony/Playstation Canada and Electronic Arts are really geared up for the 2012/2013 hockey season here in Canada. They’re so riled up that EA has agreed to partner up with the console manufacturer for a new Canadian Playstation 3 bundle. Sure! Who cares that there’s a potential lockout looming, with talks between the NHL and Players’ Associationat a virtual standstill, but what’s that to stop console manufacturers and video game publishers from trying to cash in on a potentially lucrative virtual hockey season. It’s even possible that this little gambit is meant to pull in players who will likely be hungering for some kind… any kind of on-ice action while waiting for the contract dispute to resolve. Whatever the case may be, it’s coming, and it looks to be Canadian exclusive.

This special bundle includes a 320GB Playstation 3, a copy of EA SPORTS NHL 13, a free one-month trial of Playstation Plus and some extra exclusive content. The NHL 13 PS3 Bundle will be releasing on the 11th for $299.99 CAD at most major Canadian retailers.


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