» Rants: DRM For Dummies

L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DRM is one of those touchy topics for consumers; just as much as as the piracy that brought it about is for developers and publishers. Without it, consumers would be able to share games with friends whenever they like and, potentially, increase the popularity of any given game. With it, publishers believe that the games they distribute would mostly be pirated and they would lose millions of dollars in potential profit. So when Ubisoft recently made a claim that its PC titles are being pirated at a rate of 93-95%, that left us with quite a few questions. Like, “What? Seriously?”. And so, we discussed further.

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  1. […] its recent claims of certain… issues with piracy of its PC titles, it seems Ubisoft refuses to be deterred by those wishing to play or distribute its games without […]

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