» Rants: Stuffy thoughts on Fan Expo 2012

Nathan Schwartz

|    Monday, August 27, 2012

I dislike big crowds with a passion. I wouldn’t call myself claustrophobic; I just get very uncomfortable when my personal space is infringed upon by someone else’s face. And Fan Expo, a convention so crowded that there’s an ever-expanding line up of people outside to purchase tickets (for the next day!), is not exactly my cup of tea. Now, when we went a couple of years ago, the space the expo inhabited was slightly more spacious. Sure it got very crowded, but I found that there were at least some pockets of breathing room here and there.

The venue this year, which was in a different room in the same convention centre, was noticeably smaller. In turn, the scale of the event was significantly reduced. I noticed that certain vendors, who had lavishly shiny sections two years ago, were but small stretches of tables in remote corners this year. So you can imagine that when the place was packed, I wanted nothing to do but get the hell out of there. I would look at the exhibits/sexy cosplayers/booth babes and say, “that’s nice and all, but I’d still rather leave.”

What did you think of Fan Expo this year?


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