» Rants: The Ever-Changing IMAX Experience

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, May 10, 2012

IMAX, you beautiful Canadian innovation, you. Can we talk? Don’t worry, it’s good news. You’ve been consistently attempting to go above and beyond what anyone else out there has been doing; and why wouldn’t you? The competition out there is fierce! First you increased the sizes of your screens to the point where they’re so enormous that I can’t even see the whole picture without sitting near, or in, one of the back rows. Now that’s immersion! Then you incorporated leather seating with reclining backs and lifting armrests – perfect for cuddling with your significant other (if  there were more cuddle-worthy IMAX films it’d be even better. Though some are “her-jumping-into-your-arms-scared-$*^#less”-worthy). And now you’ve introduce reserved seating! Who knew? No. Seriously! I had no clue until I went to see The Avengers: IMAX 3D Experience today! I love getting the seat I want!

Now, that said, can you please just go the whole hog and merge up with D-Box to create the absolute ultimate theatre experience? Giant screen, even bigger sound and cushy leather motion seats? Yes, please! Maybe I’m asking too much (it would contradict the whole “paired-seating” idea promoted by the lifting armrests). Simply put, keep on innovating!


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