» News: Starhawk Hits Retailers Today

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

  • Developer: LightBox Interactive
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platform: Playstation 3
  • Players: 1-4 In House or 2-32 Online
  • Rating: T
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Sony Computer Entertainment America and LightBox Interactive announced today that their new Playstation 3 part run-and-gun sci-fi shooter, part real-time strategy, Starhawk is now available at retailers across North America. Most promoted for its innovative Build & Battle system that allows players to drop supplies, vehicles, and even combat structures into the middle of the battlefield in real time, Starhawk features a full single-player storyline following an outcast gunslinger, Emmett Graves, who is called back to his homestead after a mysterious outlaw and militant band of psychotic mutated humans, the Outcast, threaten to destroy it. The catch? Graves was infected by the same energy that made the Outcast what they are (and the stuff is the most sought after energy source in the universe, of course!).

While the single player campaign is included, it has been playing second fiddle to the multiplayer features, which include up to four player online or offline cooperative play, and head to head matches for up to 32 players over the Playstation Network. There are tournaments already in planning, leaderboards, and clan support with friends lists and quick match options. Oh, and an Android app, for when you’re out and about. Starkhawk is available now.


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