» News: Playstation Vita Gets Much-Needed Sales Boost After North American, European Launches

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that sales of the Playstation Vita have now grown to 1.2 million units worldwide since the new handheld gaming system launched in North and Latin America, European and PAL territories last week. That number provides a significant boost to the system’s sales numbers, which had been considered by many to be dwindling in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, where it initially launched on December 17th. The 1.2 million unit number comes as of this Sunday, February 26th, only four days after its official launch. Based on earlier reports, leading into mid-February, showing sales of just over 500,000, this likely means that more than half of the Vita’s sales have specifically come from North American and European markets.

This could be both a good news and bad news situation for Sony, as this boost could be the saving grace for the handheld. The caveat is that the system also sold quite well in Japan within its first 48 hours, post-launch. If North American sales drop similarly, its outlook may not be so bright. Take this news with a grain of salt though, as the PSP also had a struggling start, and is still selling quite well today.

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