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Nathan Schwartz

|    Monday, February 27, 2012

I have finally done it! It’s been over six years in the making, but I’ve finally succeeded in winning an Oscar… pool! I’d like to thank my manager, that guy rolling around on the floor humming “Magic Moments” by Perry Como, the Care Bears, and of course, Jesus!

Unfortunately, however excited I was to win, that was the best part (and biggest surprise) of the ceremony, for me at least, as the show itself reeked of meh-ness. There were no curveballs (award-wise), Billy Crystal’s various bits didn’t really pack that much of a punch, and, aside from a few entertaining moments, the rest of it was just very standard and uninspiring. And what’s with all the women not wearing bras under their dresses? Not that I’m complaining, but they’re just asking for a nip slip, cough Jennifer Lopez cough.

I think they (the Academy) has to seriously rethink the Oscars. For as the years pass the ceremony seems to become more and more lackluster, and with that comes a drop in viewership. I fear that it may eventually just flat line completely, unless they find a way to reinvigorate it. And brandishing Angelina Jolie’s leg is not the solution.


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  1. Hannah says:

    The best part of the ceremony was the dancing circus part…and a guy even fell over. I mean if the best part of the oscars which is dedicated to movies, is something that has nothing to do with movies and has a flaw than, Huston..we have a problem!

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