» Rants: Start Making Good Movie-based Games!

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, January 26, 2012

A recent gameplay session of the Up movie-based game with my girlfriend (what can I say? She’s just starting to get into gaming) rekindled my not-long-ago extinguished ire with game developers and their lackluster movie-based offerings. Is it required that movie-based games not fit the demographic for which they are meant? Or that adults not be allowed to enjoy said game, even if the franchise from which it came is older than said adults? (The latter example refers to the Tintin movie-based game) If a studios is going to take the time, and spend the money, to have a development team produce a game, should it not be something worth playing?

My qualm with Up specifically relates to the lack of instruction and introduction to controls. For example, it does show you most of the buttons you can use to control a plane in the game. However, it leaves out the critical Right Trigger for shooting, leaving children and, I would assume, their new-to-gaming parents confused as to how to shoot, brake, and turn at the same time (“I only have two thumbs, for goodness sake!). The list goes on, but the point stands. What are your movie-based game peeves?


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