» Rants: Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title

Nathan Schwartz

|    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

  • Director: Harmon Jones
  • Producer: Morey Amsterdam
  • Writer: Morey Amsterdam, John Hart, William Marks, George Schenck
  • Starring: Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, January Jones, Carmen Phillips, Richard Deacon Jack Heller
  • Distributor: MGM
  • Running Time: 84 min
  • Rating: PG
  • Genre: Comedy

Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title, with its jocular tones, slapstick comedy, and camp delivery, had the ambiance of a sitcom from the 50’s/60’s. All that was missing was a laugh track and you’d have an inferior version of The Honeymooners. Not that it was unfunny, it did actually have some humorous moments, but it wasn’t much of a movie.

In one scene, one of the characters lies flat in the middle of a dirt road, gets run over by a car, then lifts his head, his face painted with tire tread marks, and just shrugs his shoulders with a subtle, jesting smile. And this is just one of the many strange sequences in the movie. Now, as I’ve said once or twice before, I am a fan of wacky content, so I did appreciate some of the batty shenanigans that occurred. Don’t get me wrong, this is a dreadful movie, with a story that was essentially useless, but the movie (in a meta like fashion) recognizes that, and that’s what I enjoyed about it. It didn’t take itself seriously. I still can’t and won’t recommend it, but I’d be lying if I said I completely hated it.


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