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L.E. Green

|    Monday, November 14, 2011

If you live in Toronto and you’ve never seen a movie at the Ontario Place Cinesphere, you’re missing out. And based on my experience yesterday, I’d say it’s quite clear that I’ve been missing out too, on what should probably be an annual tradition for every movie-loving Torontonian (not to mention a must see attraction for any self-proclaimed movie-loving visitor to our fair city). You see, while Nathan was out at Sony Canada’s launch event for the Playstation Lounge at EB Games/GameStop’s Toronto flagship store, I was taking in the booming sights and sounds of the Cinesphere’s last showing of the final Harry Potter film.

Regardless of the film’s merits, or lack thereof, the experience was breathtaking (and keep in mind, I’ve seen films there before).The theatre was renovated this past summer, as part of Ontario Place’s 40th Anniversary celebrations, and it now features one of North America’s biggest IMAX screens. Of course, part of its charm is that it’s a theatre built on top of a lake, but it also shows major motion pictures at the same price as, if not less than, regular IMAX theatres! It’s just a shame it can only show one film at a time.


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