» DLC: Gears of War Prequel DLC to Release This December

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Players: 1-4 In House or 2-10 Online
  • Rating: M
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Late last week, Microsoft and Epic Games unveiled the details and release date for the second downloadable content pack for Gears of War 3. The upcoming pack, entitled RAAM’s Shadow, will feature both campaign and multiplayer elements, as well as new Achievements worth a total 250 Gamerscore, all expected to deliver over three hours of added gameplay. The campaign portion includes a prequel story set before the events of the original Gears, putting you in the boots of Zeta Squad, just after Emergence Day, as they are enlisted to evacuate Ilima City and protect its citizens from an oncoming storm of Locust Kryll. The story features appearances by Michael Barrick, from the Gears of War comics, Lt. Kim, Tai  Kaliso and a new female comrade, Alicia Valera.

The pack will also let you take on the role of RAAM himself, letting you storm the human stronghold for the first time. The multiplayer portion includes six new multiplayer characters (which will likely include some of the above-named characters) and the Chocolate Weapon set. The RAAM’s Shadow DLC pack will be available on December 13th, for 1200 Microsoft Points.


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