» News: Metal Gear Solid Gets RISKy

L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Must… have… NOW! Konami announced this week that Hasbro’s USAopoly will be releasing a special Metal Gear Solid edition of its popular war board game, RISK, next month. The special Metal Gear Solid RISK Limited Edition takes the classic board game and gives it a major infusion of MGS lore, putting you in control of one of five Private Military Corporations (PMCs) to face off on a custom designed board that features six zones and 42 territories. The game also includes 275 custom designed playing pieces representing the five PMCs, plus a custom Outer Haven battleship, 8 Boss Cards, 40 Drebin’s Cards and 42 Territory Cards and eight Rewards that can be earned. Even the game’s box is collectible, featuring artwork by Metal Gear Solid’s Art Director, Yoji Shinkawa!


Metal Gear Solid RISK Limited Edition features three different ways to play, and specifically features the updated and streamlined gameplay Hasbro introduced to the RISK franchise in 2008. Players can hire mercenaries, manages alliances and use the included battleship to invade territories from new locations. It will be available exclusively through USAopoly.com, opening for presale on October 3rd, for $49.95 USD.


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