» Reviews: Star Fox 64 3D

Nathan Schwartz

|    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Players: 1
  • Rating: E10+
  • Genre: Action, Shooter

A new installment in the Star Fox franchise would’ve been nice, but it being a game I so much enjoyed on Nintendo 64, Star Fox 64 3D will do just nice. And with its updated graphics, the 3D (which looked pretty good), solid controls, and Slippy’s annoying voice (which I’m glad they kept, if not just as an homage to how irritating it was when I played the game years ago), I am more than satisfied to be in the Arwing alongside my furry friend again. Oh, also, as with the original, this game has a lot of replay value.

Verdict: Buy It


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