» Previews: Batman: Arkham City Takes the Sequel Game Up a Notch at X’11

L.E. Green

|    Monday, August 22, 2011

  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios
  • Publisher: Eidos/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
  • Players: 1
  • Rating: T
  • Genre: Action

While at Microsoft Canada’s X’11 event last week, Nathan and I took in the sights and sounds of Batman: Arkham City, the upcoming sequel to Rocksteady Studios, Eidos and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s 2009 Game of the Year hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Neither of us played the title (unless Nathan did during one of his many times “losing” me in the crowd at the show), but we did sit, awestruck, for an extended period of time watching other people play. My previously mentioned worries regarding Catwoman seem to dissipate further each time I see something new from the game, and this preview was definitely no exception.

The hand to hand combat in Arkham City doesn’t seem to have much extra to it, but the surrounding elements and what can be done within the game world have been enhanced above and beyond the already amazing features of Arkham Asylum. Better yet, the Riddler new challenges add even more non-core campaign fun, and an extra element of danger. Without a doubt, the best part was watching Batman jump onto and straddle the landing skids of a helicopter, flying upside down over Gotham. Batman: Arkham City will be releasing on October 18th in North America.


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