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L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A couple of days ago, we got an email from the folks handling the PR for Gela Skins, a Toronto-based manufacturer of pre-designed and custom skins for a vast array of electronics – laptops, mobile phones (both regular and smartphones), tablets, portable media players – telling us the company makes skins for video game consoles as well. While that’s all well and good, when we asked how long Gela Skins has been producing skins for consoles, we found out that its been doing so for three years! So why go through the trouble of promoting it now?

Simply put, its range of gaming products available to cover with skins has never been as extensive as it is now. In all, there are now 20 different gaming devices and peripherals that you can get skins for, including the original and slim Playstation 3 and Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wii, most of the DS lineup, the entire PSP lineup, and more. Beyond the pre-designed skins and your own artwork, you can also pick from over 1,000 pieces of artwork to create your own skin designs. With pricing for console skins at $29.95 though, is it worthwhile? We’ll find out, because we’re ordering one of our own!

A custom Metal Gear Solid 4 skin made with official artwork on Gela Skins

This one... didn't turn out so well...


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