» Rants: Multiple ratings hurt my brain

Nathan Schwartz

|    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some time ago we did a rant about my issues with the movie rating system. In that video we discussed how lenient the system has become. However, recently I’ve noticed some other glaring issue with movie ratings.

Last week I rented The Green Hornet to watch with my younger brother. Not having seen it myself, I wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate for him or not, so I read the back of the box.

Well, as it turns out, the back of the box says it’s rated both G and PG. Though it was odd, I didn’t really concern myself with the contradiction, as they are fairly similar ratings. However, upon popping the DVD into the player, the movie informed me that it was rated PG-13 as well!

First off, after watching The Green Hornet, I could tell you that it should’ve been rated (at least) PG-13 everywhere, due to all the obscenities and such. And second, I understand that different regions have different rating systems, but how are people, especially parents, supposed to know if a movie is appropriate  when DVDs (and I’ve seen many more aside from just The Green Hornet) have multiple different ratings?


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