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L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Consider this the officially official introduction of The Nerd Mafia on our site because, as I write this, I realize that we have never officially introduced the group. Sure, we’ve had members, like Gavin Stephens, Jeff Brown and Nerds With Guitars, appear on the video show, who even mentioned The Nerd Mafia when we spoke to them. However, we never really said gave it a proper introduction ourselves. So here we go!

The Nerd Mafia is a group of like-minded professionals, content creators, journalists, cosplayers, performers and more, who works in industries that you could call “nerdy”. That’s really more an excerpt of what you’ll find on the group’s site, but I’m quite sure you get the idea. So if you’re in one of our industries, join us at www.thenerdmafia.com! If you just like nerd stuff, we’ve got a whole list of members who you can follow on Twitter, and a Facebook page too. And, with that, check out this week’s video, featuring interviews with members of, you guessed it, The Nerd Mafia.


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  1. […] at Star Trek Day TO! By some miraculous happenstance, Star Trek Day TO, the first official public Nerd Mafia event, coming October 2nd to the Toronto Underground Cinema, received its first bit of mainstream […]

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