» Reviews: Contest Winning Review: NBA 2K11

Dovid Dobin

|    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

  • Developer: Visual Concepts/Kush Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC, PSP
  • Players: 1
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Sports - Basketball

NBA 2K11 would’ve been more appropriately titled Michael Jordan: The Game. This is not a bad thing. As a basketball game, it continues the series’ tradition as the most accurate sports simulation on the market. But the game really shines when it puts you in the shoes of the greatest to ever play (pre-LeBron, at least). Dividing the Jordan options into two parts and making the career mode unlockable greatly adds to the replay value and sense of achievement. This is the rare sports game that can be kept in your playing rotation even with later iterations in the series.

Verdict: Buy It


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