» Reviews: LG Optimus 7 (w/ Video Review)

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

  • Developer: LG
  • Platform: Windows Phone 7
  • Distributor: Telus, Vodafone

LG’s Optimus 7 is essentially the Optimus Quantum‘s taller, slimmer and sleeker sibling. Sure, it may get some style points over its little brother, but it secretly knows that it’s lacking in certain departments… down there. Of course, in this case, the “down there” is quite visible to all – the lack of the QWERTY slider keyboard. It also doesn’t feel quite as solid as its slightly smaller, chunkier counterpart. So it may be bigger, but not where it counts. Penile quips aside, the Optimus 7 holds up rather swimmingly as a smartphone, if you don’t mind touch typing.

Verdict: Like It


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