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Nathan Schwartz

|    Monday, January 17, 2011

  • Director: Tony Scott
  • Producer: Tony Scott, Julie Yorn, Mimi Rogers, Eric McLeod, Alex Young
  • Writer: Mark Bomback
  • Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Dunn, Kevin Corrigan
  • Distributor: 20th Century Fox
  • Running Time: 98 min
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Genre: Action, Thriller

I can just imagine the meeting that took place when they came up with the MacGuffin for Unstoppable.

Doody face 1: I got it! How about an action thriller about a runaway train?

Doody face 2: Meh.

Doody face 1: Okay fine, how about this. A runaway train that has flammable and toxic materials on it!

Doody face 2: Holy gallbladder made of fiberglass, that’s genius! Get Denzel on the phone right away!


Sure the suspense was, well, suspenseful, but this movie was just so stupid, so generic, and so predictable, that it isn’t worth your time or money.

Verdict: Forget It


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