» Reviews: LG Optimus Quantum

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

  • Developer: LG
  • Platform: Windows Phone 7
  • Distributor: Bell Canada, AT&T

After a week with LG’s Optimus Quantum, I’m sure of a few things. It’s a solid piece of hardware that looks and feels like it can handle regular use. The QWERTY slider keyboard/touchscreen mix is awesome. Of the four Windows Phone 7 models available in Canada, it’s the only one with this feature, and it was done right, with large, well-placed buttons. Calling is clear and texting is easy, and it functions smoothly. However, I don’t like its lack of a slot for memory expansion, or its camera. Though high in megapixels, the camera has abysmal colour quality and clarity.

Verdict: Buy It


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