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Nathan Schwartz

|    Monday, December 6, 2010

  • Director: Gareth Edwards
  • Producer: Allan Niblo, James Richardson
  • Writer: Gareth Edwards
  • Starring: Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy
  • Distributor: Vertigo Films
  • Running Time: 94 min
  • Rating: R
  • Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

A space probe crash lands on earth with extraterrestrial matter on it and six years later giant octopus looking (whale sound making) aliens are roaming Northern Mexico. That’s where the characters in Monsters find themselves, trying to traverse the infected area to get to the States from Central America. And they travel, and travel, and travel. There is so much uneventful traveling in this movie! There just wasn’t enough intrigue to keep it from feeling somewhat sluggish. However, I will say that thanks to some solid camera work, some appealing drama and decent acting, I actually didn’t hate this movie.

Verdict: Wait for the DVD/Blu-ray


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