» Rants: A Week with Windows Phone 7 – Gaming and Entertainment with Xbox Live and Zune

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, December 2, 2010

In today’s part of our week-long look at Windows Phone 7, I get into the fun stuff, Xbox Live and Zune. Windows Phone 7 is able to completely integrate with your Xbox Live profile, including the ability to collect and monitor Achievements.

One of the things I don’t mention in today’s video though, is how much of a multitasking powerhouse Windows Phone 7 is. You can have your music from Zune or the radio playing while doing pretty much anything else on your phone, including playing games. So, like Xbox 360, custom soundtracks are available. You can even pause your game in the middle to switch playlists. Its multitasking abilities go far beyond the ability to just play music while doing other things, but I specifically note that aspect of it today because it’s entertainment related. Take a look!


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