» News: Happy American Thanksgiving, Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, November 25, 2010

While our neighbours to the south are enjoying their football and turkey today, up here in Canada, we celebrated our Thanksgiving a month ago. Nonetheless, we share the spirit of giving thanks for all the good things we’ve got, like working in a great industry with a lot of awesome people (be they public relations representatives, developers, actors or fellow journalists) and the ability to say that we play games or watch movies for a living, or being able to participate in some great Black Friday deals, even if we don’t live in the same country. Of coure we’re thankful for our wonderful readers, regardless of what country, or continent, they come from. And we’re also thankful for things like Microsoft extending its American Thanksgiving Free Xbox Live Gold weekend to Canadians as well.

That’s right. From today until Monday night, Xbox Live Gold is free to everyone (in North America at least). Some European countries will also be getting a Free Xbox Live Gold weekend as well, but only starting tomorrow. Some regions are even getting the chance to win some fun extras over the weekend, like a one year subscription to Netflix. Details are on your Xbox 360.


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