» Rants: Netflix in Canada: First Impressions

Nathan Schwartz

|    Friday, October 29, 2010

Netflix is perfect for me. Having to watch roughly five movies a week, it’s so convenient to have access to a sizable catalogue of films at the push of a button and a very reasonable subscription fee of $7.99 per month. However, upon playing with it for a bit, I have two major issues. First, the selection of films is very pathetic as of now. I don’t even understand why many of these films are being offered. Films like, Ninja Cheerleader, Ice Twisters, Swamp Thing, and The Machine Girl, to name a few. They really need to get some better and newer films in their catalogue! Second, they don’t have any way to sort through the movies except by genre, the latest films they added, and a search bar. Why isn’t there an area to see a list of the movies that were recently released on DVD? Or why can’t I sort it by year?

If they can work on their catalogue of movies, and add more sorting options, Netflix in Canada could be a great service. For now, I think I’ll stick to forcing myself off my lazy tush to make the exhausting trip to my local video store.


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