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L.E. Green

|    Thursday, October 28, 2010

We decided to switch things up and do something a little different today, and came up with an interactive and fun idea that could get you fine folks more involved. This way we’re not just, hopefully, influencing you, but you’re influencing us too! So we’d like to introduce our Zazzle Store of the Month, a new monthly feature where we highlight a specific Zazzle merchant for their cool, humorous or unique designs and share them with you. We really like our Zazzle store and Zazzle as a whole, so we want to promote it and other cool designers and merchants as well!

Here’s how it works: Send in your suggestions for your favourite Zazzle store (it can even be your own), and we’ll look through them and pick one to feature on the last Thursday each month (barring any holidays that may delay posting). We’re more likely to feature a store here on the site if it’s got something to do with movies, video games or other media and tech. At the very least we’ll post it to our Facebook and Twitter profiles! Not sure where to start? Here’s an example we like (Pink Ribbon) because they’re doing great things.


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  1. Hey Dude!

    What about sites that sont sell on Zazzle.com such as http://www.UrbanJudge.com, most of our clothing is aimed at DJ’s and Music Lovers! Kind of linked ;)

    Take care

    Mark @ UrbanJudge.com

    • L.E. Green L.E. Green says:

      Hey Mark,

      After taking a look at your site, I’ve got to say it looks quite nice. Quite nice indeed. However, our Zazzle Store of the Month is Zazzle-specific, I don’t think we can put UrbanJudge.com on the consideration list. If you guys open up a store on Zazzle, even with a couple of designs, then that would totally be a go.

      Still, I like the look of the site. Clean and easy to navigate.

  2. […] some deliberation and a pound of fresh garlic, L.E. and I have chosen Design Groupies as our Zazzle Store of the Month. With their mix of topical, comedic and other assorted designs, there’s a lot of goodness […]

  3. […] may be sitting on a stuffed pineapple wondering why I picked Slicktees as this month’s ZSotM. Well, you fruit sitting maniacs, I’ll tell you. I’m fascinated by poop! It’s not just a […]

  4. […] After exhaustingly scouring Zazzle for all of maybe 5 minutes, I stumbled upon Glenn Designs and I said, “yay, it is good.” Um, what? Sorry, sometimes I talk like the bible when I like what I see. And with its various styles and humorous, political, geek and multiple other themes of shirts and other products, Glenn Designs has won favor in my eyes and has been crowned March’s ZSotM. […]

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