» Rants: First batch of short films I saw at Air Canada’s enRoute Film Festival 2010

Nathan Schwartz

|    Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here are my thoughts on the first few films I saw at Air Canada’s enRoute Film Festival:

Push Past: Rob Dyer’s Skate Across Canada:

Director: Rob Coxford

As the name entails, this short documentary focuses on Rob Dyer’s Skate 4 Cancer campaign, where he skateboarded all across Canada… for cancer. It’s an amazing feat and an inspiring cause, but as a short film it doesn’t really work. This type of story requires a full-length feature film to really be powerful, and I hope it does become one because it’s a remarkable story.


Director: Shervin Kermani

This short film about a man reliving certain aspects of his life in his final moments was a visual magnum opus. The camera work and the lighting were just fantastic! However, I found the story to lack a conclusion, which is a shame because the story could’ve been quite moving.

A Cut Above:

Director: Alessandro Piedimonte

This animated film was the shortest film at the event, but it was also the sweetest. Without the use of any dialogue, the story about a sad and lonely old barber who dies and is reunited with his long lost wife grabbed me by the heartstrings quite strongly.


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