» News: O-Games Announces Release Date for John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

L.E. Green

|    Monday, September 27, 2010

  • Developer: Gusto Games
  • Publisher: O-Games
  • Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Sports - Golf

As you might have guessed by the headline, O-Games announced the official release date for its upcoming golf title, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf, today, or should I say release dates. Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions will be releasing in October, however, the Playstation 3 version will be releasing first, on the 5th, while the Xbox 360 version is being held back until the 19th. While no specific reason was given as to why the Xbox 360 version will be releasing later, I would guess that it’s because O-Games wants to give precedence to the Playstation 3 version because of its Playstation Move functionality.

The game was designed from the ground up for compatibility with Playstation Move, so Move users who play the game will be able to take full advantage of the game’s first-person ProStroke control system. They’ll be able to rotate the club head in real-time, and get a far more realistic feel while playing the game than with the Xbox 360 or PC versions. Aside from that, all versions include commentary from Sam Torrance and Peter Kessler, 12 courses, and a Challenge Mode. The release date of the PC version has not been officially announced.


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