» News: Disney Epic Mickey Releasing This November

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, September 16, 2010

  • Developer: Junction Point
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Platform: Wii
  • Players: 1
  • Rating: Rating Pending
  • Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer

Junction Point and Disney Internative Studios announced the release date for their upcoming Mickey Mouse adventure platformer, Disney Epic Mickey, today. The game, currently in development exclusively for Wii, will be releasing in Europe on November 25th, in the UK on the 26th, and in North America on the 30th. Wait. Is that serious? North America is getting it last? Yes? Ah well.

When we spoke to Junction Point’s Adam Creighton at Nintendo’s E3 Review event earlier this summer, he told about the game’s paint and thinner system, which lets players restore or destroy sections of the Wasteland world in which the game takes place. It can also be used to eliminate enemies or turn them into allies. Each choice you make will affect what happens to Wasteland and the forgotten Disney characters that inhabit it. He also discussed the “Playstyle Matters” concept introduced by Warren Spector, who is heading up the game’s development. Always challenged with the question of why a player or character has to do something, Creighton said the development team had to make sure every action and plot point had a reason behind it. We hope to have the complete interview with Adam online soon.


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