» News: Super Mario Bros. Celebrate Their 25th Birthday With Style, And Memory Loss

L.E. Green

|    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nintendo is celebrating the 25th birthday/anniversary of one of its most beloved and most prolific characters this week, Super Mario. It was 25 years ago this week that the original Super Mario Bros. debuted in Japan. The plumber-turned-hero have done a lot of princess saving over the years, and so Nintendo decided to celebrate his journeys in style, with a special 25th Anniversary site and a video (on the site) showcasing Super Mario titles from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way through to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sadly, Luigi is playing second fiddle to his brother, as usual, but that’s not the strange thing about this celebration.

What’s odd about the Anniversary site is that the video only showcases the franchise’s biggest titles, leaving out a number of handheld titles for the various Game Boy and Nintendo DS platforms, some of the classic side stories like Super Mario Land and the Super Paper Mario titles, and completely negating the entire Super Mario sports series. The question is why? It’s possible that the specific classic titles in the video will be re-released for Wii as part of an ultimate Super Mario collection, like in the Japanese commercial below.


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