» News: Nintendo Dropping DSi Prices in Time for Holiday Season

L.E. Green

|    Monday, August 30, 2010

Nintendo announced today that it would be dropping the prices of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL early next month, just ahead of the holiday season. As of September 12th, the suggested retail price of the standard DSi will be dropping from $169.99 USD/$179.99 CAD to $149.99 USD/CAD, while the price of the DSi XL will drop from $189.99 USD/$199.99 CAD to $169.99 USD/CAD. With over 1,300 boxed titles and more than 200 downloadable games, two cameras (one internal and one external), recently added Facebook connectivity and more, the Nintendo DSi is an all-around portable device (though it doesn’t quite near the storage capacity of standard portable media players). So the drop just adds extra incentive for people who were already considering getting one.

Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manager, Ron Bertram, said Nintendo knows consumers “want to get the maximum value out of every dollar they spend”, but I would guess that the price drop was done now because it makes the DSi a more attractive buy in the holiday season before the Nintendo 3DS will be releasing. It also leaves a nice gap for another drop either directly before or after the release of the 3DS.

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