» News: Microsoft Demos Windows Phone 7 at X’10

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, August 26, 2010

While at X’10 last week, I took the time to speak with Microsoft’s Greg Milligan about the new Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. This might not sound like relates to gaming or movies, but since mobile phones have essentially become portable media players and gaming devices (iPhone anyone?), that’s all changed. Windows Phone 7 changes that even more, because it will include complete integration with Xbox Live. That doesn’t just mean it will let you update your profile or send messages to friends. You’ll be able to play games, earn achievements, and fully connect with your Xbox 360’s Xbox Live profile.

And there’s more. Though many manufacturers will be making their own phones to work with Windows Phone 7 – HTC, Samsung, LG to name a few – Milligan told me that they all have to meet very specific minimum requirements. Compatible phones must have a minimum processor power (he didn’t specify Mhz/GHz), touch screens, gyroscopic systems and more so they can all run the same games. Other features like QWERTY keyboards will be the decision of manufacturers. At this rate, my next phone will be a Windows Phone 7 phone. Watch the interview for more information.


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