» Reviews: Rayman Raving Rabbids

L.E. Green

|    Thursday, April 29, 2010

  • Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Wii, Xbox 360
  • Players: 1-4 Simultaneous
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Mini Games, Party Game

Rayman Raving Rabbids takes a classic adventure franchise and turns it on its head, into a party game. Rayman has been captured by a horde of insane rabbit-like creatures who throw him into an arena to perform various tasks for them. He can only hope that by completing these tasks, he will be freed. You, and your friends, since it’s most fun to play this game in multiplayer, spend most of this game quickly flailing your arms, squirting carrot juice, racing and more. It’s simple, but actually quite fun, and some of the trials can be a pretty decent workout.

Verdict: Rent It


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