» News: Halifax Teacher Brings Gaming to School

L.E. Green

|    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out in Halifax, Nova Scotia a junior high school is doing something a little different to get its students into fitness. The school created a Wii Fit Plus Club, aimed at getting students more active during school hours. The club, started by physical education teacher Janet Wells after she starting using the original Wii Fit, lets students drop in during their lunch hour once a week to take turns playing the game as a group. The club has since switched to playing Wii Fit Plus, allowing for a broader choice of activities.

The club projects the gameplay onto a large screen and students take turn playing through the various aerobics, yoga and strength training exercises. They also play some of the balance games as well. Wells says the program is continuing to attract more students, and is hoping to expand the club’s meetings to twice weekly.



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